One of the most pristine rivers in the United States, Wyoming’s Snake River is legendary among fishermen around the world. Catch and release Snake River fishing is allowed year-round, though the summer and fall are the most popular seasons. The Snake River is particularly known for the fine-spotted cutthroat trout, or “cutty,” which gets its name from the coating of tiny spots that resemble grains of pepper all over its skin. These fish can exceed 20 inches in length and 3 pounds in weight, and they are known for their remarkable fighting ability. Yet they are highly responsive to fly fishing.

If you are interested in Snake River fly fishing, consider a stay at the Flying Saddle Resort. We are located on the banks of the Snake River in Alpine, Wyoming, at the entrance to the Snake River Canyon. An hour or less from Grays Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Grand Teton National Park, and Jackson Hole, and under two hours from South Yellowstone, we are perfectly positioned for local sightseeing as well as a variety of adventures on the Snake River.

Due to our location, we offer nearly unparalleled Snake River access without the crowds and high prices of the tourist towns nearby. We are partnered with two small, locally owned fishing tour operators, giving you the best chances for success. If you want to fish the Snake River on your own, please keep in mind that you will need to obtain a fishing license.

About Flying Saddle Resort

Built in 1949 for a returning WWII hero, Flying Saddle Resort was purchased and completely remodeled in 2008. Today, we offer a family-friendly, upscale rustic experience. Standard motel rooms are available in the original building, while larger rooms with balconies can be found in our new Tower building. For a romantic getaway, consider a private log cabin for two.

Our self-contained, full-service resort features an affordable yet upscale Western steakhouse, a cozy Western sports bar, and an indoor heated pool with a hot tub. We also have seven landscaped acres to explore, featuring a tennis court, a fitness room, an outdoor patio, a gift shop, and even a drive-through liquor store.

Flying Saddle Resort is pet-friendly, and we are proud to welcome large groups. If you are looking for affordable yet full-service accommodations and easy access to Snake River fishing, call Flying Saddle Resort today at 877-772-4422 to make your reservation!